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The Chris & Chris Functional work stations include the following features:
  • The exclusive "Chop and Drop" system which allows for the sanitary collection of juices, easy collection of prepared foods, easy disposal of waste, and effortless clean up.
  • This system features a juice groove on the cutting surface to collect juices and direct their flow to the "Pig Snout" (a cut out in the work surface). A stainless steel chef pan fits snuggly below the "Pig Snout" to collect the juices or cut product.
  • The "Chop and Drop" system also features a "Trash Ring" which is designed to accept either a common plastic grocery bag, or various size kitchen trash bags, and can replace the chef pan when it is desirable to dispose of waste directly into a trash bag.
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The Chef Series
The Stadium Series

The Stadium Series features metal legs, the Chef Series features wooden legs.
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